Self-taught and later mentored by illustrator, Fernanda Cohen. Co-host/sidekick on Earwolf Podcast, "Dr. Gameshow with Jo Firestone," which used to be a WFMU radio show. Filipino American Pennsylvania native--based in Brooklyn, NY since 2006.

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(Selected Dr. Gameshow Fanmail Post-Radio Show...)

Jo & Manolo,
!!And they call this a generation of backwash!! Ceremoniously over-enthused, a shrewd wit and just the right amount of apathetic. I love your show and lament that I've come to it months after its epilogue! Hopefully you still peek at this email every once in a while. You have my applause and gratitude for the time you've taken to brighten my day, although the time is past! Onward, always! The "good-natured, but just woke up from a nap"-aesthetic works well and I dream a dream of the future. Where you are or somewhere else! Looking forward, forward, to forward adventures to which I refuse to be late.


Manolo, I've emailed Jo a number times saying that you two regularly have me in tears of laughter... I know you guys will make tons more awesome stuff. Please keep working together, the two of you are the best combo.

Peace and appreciation,


Karate Magazine - "A List Of 5 Comedians I Know Personally"

Tin House Reels featured me in an article, saying I was a beacon. Shucks.

• Geoff Haggerty of Elephant Larry said this: "All we can say about Manolo is that his animation is beautiful, he's funny, and he's amazing to work with. That's all." Tee hee.

Slacktory thinks I'm a charming dramatizer, in reference to an animated short I did. Shucks.

• Blog, House of Her, loves me--also gives me a new last name. Shucks.

Le Petit Elefant describes me as a dark and silly understander, and popularizes an exasperated tick of mine. Shucks.

• Anjy Hall, a client/musician has said, "Your work looks like no other ever--no small feat and very lovely. I would know your stuff 10 miles away." That was nice of her. Shucks.

Below are some people candidly showing me what I look like:

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